May I have your attention, please

Did the cosmos seemed misaligned yesterday? Did something not feel quite right, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it? Don’t worry any longer because I have the answer, and here it is:

Guess whose?

What is it you ask? It’s the General’s new bike! It’s a Giant FCR 3, and it’s what the owner at the LBS suggested when I asked what bike would be good for someone who did not want one. The General has no problem jumping onto the back of a two story draft horse, and gallivanting around an open field. The bicycle, unfortunately, has been associated with childhood memories she would rather not remember. The bicycle = the triple F (FFF for short), forced family fun. I mentioned the bike when she called Friday evening on her way home from work. When she asked what color it was, I thought she might be open to the idea. She even took it for a spin later that evening and really liked it. We stopped yesterday morning on our way to Northampton and bought it; she rode it home yesterday afternoon:

The General's first ride

The General’s ride stats:

Distance: 3.83 miles
Trip time (actual pedaling): 21 minutes 17 seconds
Ride category: Bringing her new bike home!



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