Cape Cod Rail Trail

Over the weekend I had a chance to ride my bike down the Cape Cod Rail Trail. I had been lazy all weekend, and in a last ditch effort I pulled myself outside to sneak a quick ride in before my getaway ended. Starting in Wellfleet, this trail runs with Route 6 into Orleans.  Keeping off Route 6 was a plus, although rollerbladers and senior cyclists made for some breaks in cadence….with opportunities to be friendly and say hello.  Pretty much everyone I ran into was friendly.  Probably had something to do with all the beautiful sunshine that morning.   I didn’t make it to Orleans on Sunday…there were pancakes waiting for me back at the house. So I didn’t go far, but I went fast. 

What can I say? I like pancakes (especially when someone else makes them).



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3 responses to “Cape Cod Rail Trail”

  1. William Peace says :

    Hi – found your page by chance – noticed your statement about not needing to prove yourself and your visits to the Cape and your stopping to see the wildflowers. If you have not seen it already, you might check out my Cape Cod Bike Book, a guidebook to bicycling on Cape Cod, more than just a bunch of maps, it really is an attempt to get people to slow down and see what nature really has to offer. I have published it for 25 years now here on the Cape. I sure would appreciate a link if you could give me one, too. Will link to yours on my link page also.

    Bill Peace

  2. Heather says :

    Thanks for checking out the site. Karen is actually on the Cape this weekend, so good timing.

  3. The Phantom Cyclist says :

    Hi Karen!

    Well, who could resist pancakes — one of those stalwarts from the ’round’ food group — like pizza!

    If you’d like to tour any of the Cape Cod Bike Trails before heading out on them, please visit
    Currently I have over 1500 pictures — in linear order — of the major bike trails on Cape Cod.

    You can also read all about the “Wonders of the Cape Cod Bike Trails.”

    I’m working on MV and NT now.

    Sit back, enjoy your pancakes, and take a bike ride on your computer. Enjoy the show!

    Kind regards,

    ~The Phantom Cyclist

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