The most fun I’ve had in 1.7 miles. Ever.

Cyclocross practice

Karen is actually the “cross nut” here at the blog, but I’ve wanted to give it a try for a while. Phew, so glad to be out of the cyclocross closet. You race around off-road, on a road bike, and usually get covered in a lot of mud. Excellent! Through this blog, I’ve met two women who cyclocross. I thought I would ask them for their advice about starting out in the sport. Shannon was nice enough to answer my questions even though she had just moved across a couple of states to her new house, and Meg was nice enough to invite me over for my first cyclocross lesson tonight. I did not try jumping over the barriers (yes, in Meg’s backyard, how cool is that!) pictured in the above photo. Meg had me work on coasting (who knew that was a skill?), dismounting, mounting, and lifting the bike. I am most definitely hooked. I am happy to report no one at work won the pool for which bone I would break, but I have high hopes for a decent bruise on the right shin.


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6 responses to “The most fun I’ve had in 1.7 miles. Ever.”

  1. Renee says :

    Ohh….I think just the idea of doing this has me hooked! Sounds like a blast….have fun and be careful!

  2. mixte says :

    Yea for cyclocross! Glad you got your first taste, and that you don’t sound like you’ve been scared off. Oh, and I did forgot to mention that you may end up with a few bruises. Sorry about that…

  3. Karen says :

    Heather! I’m impressed. I may actually have to start doing this sport rather than just following it as a spectator so I can stay competitive with you 🙂 So, when are we going cross-bike shopping? And….does the General know?

  4. Cyclocross Magazine says :

    Wow, getting an early start, huh? That’s a pretty serious practice barrier setup too. Yard or park? Never too early for ‘cross!

  5. Leah says :

    Cross is fun! I tried it a couple of years ago and had a blast.

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