Three for three

Good reason to ride

I worked an overnight shift last night, so I was debating whether my idea to pedal to the library was really a good one or not. The very small part of my brain that functions like I’m in my twenties still, said why the hell not, it’s not that far. My forty year old brain (also small in size) was all right with the decision after I pedaled by the “cheap” gas station in town. After getting into the habit of doing a lot of my local errands over the winter on the bike, I really have a hard time justifying taking the car out once it is parked after work. Even if I just did a mid shift on very little sleep. I took a nap before I headed out, of course.

Besides the run to the library, I had some other errands. I was lucky enough to find bike parking at all of my stops (town hall, library, bank):

Bike racks of Franklin county

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.2 miles
Temperature: 62˚ (felt cooler, maybe from the wind gusts)
Elevation: lowest = 249.3 ft / highest = 505.1 (∆ 255.8 ft)
Ride category: Errands



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