Mother’s Day Mountain Bike Ride

My Mother’s Day treat to myself today was a ride at Batchelor Street in Granby, MA. I road alone today, something I normally like to avoid since my crash in Granby 3 years ago. But I found the solitude extremely grounding as I reflected on a great many things while on the trail.

One of the qualities I so enjoy about mt biking is the paralells between the sport and life. Mt biking always seems to have a lesson to teach me, and today I learned a lot. Here are some metaphors I concluded upon while mediating on my trek today:

1.) Approach obstacles slowly, but with force, momentum, and clear intent.
2.) Learn to pick a line.
3.) Follow the line you pick.
4.) Understand that in the trail there will be obstacles that will never, ever yield to you. They will eat your bike. Find a path around these obstacles.
5.) Understand that in the trail there are obstacles that will shift under your surest of footing. They will throw you off your bike. Find your balance, and maintain awareness at all times.

I started my ride off rough, mostly because I’m in the road biking frame of mind which involves higher speeds. After I settled down and eased up–I did a lot better. I hiked-a-bike it often in the beginning, and as my confidence returned, not at all. And for the first time I descended a particularly treacherous portion of the main trail that I have never been able to descend without dismounting. I was pretty psyched about that.

All & all, it was a great way for this mom to have a little fun πŸ™‚ –Karen


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3 responses to “Mother’s Day Mountain Bike Ride”

  1. markowe says :

    All good advice, thanks!

    I am finding I am finally and gradually getting more confidence with this kind of riding, which I have never really majored on before. I also surprised myself entering a race last week (grr, not got round to blogging it yet) and taking some descents and drop-offs and things that I never dared to before, and in horrendous slippery mud at that! So there is hope for us all!

    By the way, did you ride through that rock garden in the picture? Looks pretty treacherous!

  2. Karen says :

    Yeah, I did ride through it. It killed me πŸ™‚ I saw it coming and decided to stop, take a photo and assess it a little better. There was a lot of this on my ride. I didn’t always make it through πŸ™‚

    Hey, let me know when you blog about that race. I did a few mtb races about 7 years ago and found it a humbling experience.

  3. Kevin says :

    I stumbled on this blog while looking for schell bridge pics.. I live in Northfield and ride these trails too. I’m soon going to post helmet camera shots. I told Bob in Greenfield I’d film a groupride.

    I love your metaphors: I really hate it when all I get is chain suck and my gears don’t work right. IT makes for a real bad ride. The baby heads in the picture I’ve gone through myself. But you have to let off the brakes and look ahead. When leaf covered, they can really taco your rim and cause a faceplant. Gravity Checks like that make you wonder if it is all worth it. BUT IT IS! (that was all a metaphore too) πŸ™‚

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