How did that happen?!

Tree belt

How the hell did seven days go by, and I did not get out on the bike at all? What have I been doing if I’m not on the bike? Let’s see:

King of the rock

I went hiking with my sister and two of the four dogs at Chesterfield Gorge. I actually had a bike agenda while there. I was checking to make sure it was a decent introduction to mountain biking for my friends from work. No worries Ellen and Donder, the hills are practically flat. You’ll love it.

I worked an overnight OT shift. I was a little wiped out after that; it was best if I stayed close to home.

Better than being at work

Yesterday I went out on the Deerfield River for a fly fishing lesson. I’ve mentioned before I work occasionally at Zoar Outdoor, and that is one of the activities they offer. I expressed an interest in learning and possibly guiding trips in the future, so they hooked me up with a seasoned guide who gave me my first lesson. I now have to figure out how to split my rebate check between biking and fly fishing gear. Please, don’t let the General know! Heather

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.6 miles
Temperature: 54˚
Elevation: lowest = 249.3 ft / highest = 505.1 (∆ 255.8 ft)
Ride category: Library returns


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One response to “How did that happen?!”

  1. Philip says :


    Nice to see you having fun on the lawn the other day. nice flys!

    I love reading your posts.

    A ride next Thursday is in order I’ll send you an email in a day or two.



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