No wimps here!

The other day at Toby while Karen was trying to get photos, and I was hiding behind the map, she says, “Heather, it’s a biking blog, we need photos of people riding bikes.” So, here you are Karen, a photo of people riding bikes:

What did Ellen say?

My friends Ellen and Donder joined me for today’s ride. Ellen and I had to work, and in order to make sure Donder did not wimp out (what’s a little sprinkle), we might have left a few messages on her cell and home phone. Not the gazillion she accused me of, though. I have never laughed so hard while riding before. For example, Donder’s explanation of riding with me, “Ellen, we let Heather go first. If she survives whatever comes our way, we should be just fine.” Notice the distance they are maintaining? Probably so they have enough time to react in case whatever came our way left a mark on me.

Ride stats:

Distance: 7.3 miles
Temperature: mid 50s
Ride category: Finally letting Ellen borrow a bike. I even got it back!



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