Toby Delivers: Mountain Biking

Heather & I had a blast today riding at Mt.Toby. Toby’s a great location because it’s pretty much right between our residences geographically, plus the riding is good. The first half was all climb–something that is NOT a strength of mine. I hike-a-biked it several times. There were several “water features” after the last few days of rain, and the trail was fire road/double track with lots and lots of loose rock, making for some technical climbing and descending. Some of the downhill left me with cramped hands it was so intense.  What I enjoyed most was just being outside and playing, and getting a little dirty doing it.  Nothing like a little mud to make a girl feel twelve again 🙂  –Karen



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One response to “Toby Delivers: Mountain Biking”

  1. Marcela says :

    Way to go! I am so happy that you girls are out there mtn biking! I went last week (finally) but with my crazy schedule now I haven’t been able to go this week and next week the same… but I’ll get there… at least the weather is getting better for riding!

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