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After telling Karen how much fun I had last week at Toby, we decided to put our mutual day off to good use. We couldn’t have asked for a better one, especially since I learned my lesson last week, and brought bug juice. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus keeps the little #@&*% away; I try not to leave home without it. That should happen less often, now that I have added it to the ride checklist. We came across this specimen while we were still climbing to the top:

Something was hungry

No idea what animal left it, but it was pretty interesting. We also explored an old sugar house out in the middle of nowhere:

Abandoned sugar house

Overall, an excellent day to play in the woods. I know, what day isn’t really?

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.8
Temperature: low 60s
Elevation: a little less than the 1000ft net gain because we did not take the trail up to the fire tower
Ride category: S.C.A.G. board meeting


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