Bike + errands = good times


Somehow during the last four days, I was not able to find any time for the bike. Today I had a list of errands to do around town, so I jumped on the DB and headed out. I really do love the looks I get when I roll up to the packie (aka package or liquor store). Later, there was a brief moment of concern when I thought one of the books I wanted to get at the library wouldn’t fit in the pannier, but I got it in there. I also stopped off at the local feed and grain store to get Sonny, my homicidal lovebird, his food and more seed for the wild birds. Doing errands on the bike definitely makes them seem less like a chore. Heather

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.4
Temperature: 54˚ (average)
Elevation: no idea, and too lazy to look it up right now
Ride category: Errands


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