A book recommendation

Some more shots from today’s ride:



The flower on top is a Bloodroot and the one on the bottom is a Trillium. I looked for a really long time to find a wildflower guidebook that was decent. I have no clue about wildflowers, and turning page after page trying to find a match in most books was a pain and usually not productive. I then came across this gem, Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide. You answer 5 questions re the flower you want to identify. From your answers, you get 3 numbers and you look up in the locator key for the page the flower is listed on. On the rare times I can’t id the flower the first time, it’s because of my confusion, not any problem with the book. I always get it on the second attempt. The book covers New England, west to Illinois, south to Tennessee, and parts of eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec, and Ontario). There is a map of the covered region within the first few pages. An excellent addition to your field guide library. Heather


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2 responses to “A book recommendation”

  1. Jeff Moser says :

    I took a botany 101 class years ago, and we had a similar guide for identifying trees. We walked around campus, and I had a blast trying to figure out all the different species. Unfortunately it was just a stapled together mess of papers, and it was lost. I need to go find some more guides like this. Identifying all the local plants would be a great project!

  2. Heather says :

    The first time I used Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide was on a road ride. I was surprised how easy, and quick, it was to identify all the flowers I came across. It’s also handy on mountain bike rides. I can id what I crashed in and see if I need to pick up more calamine lotion on my way home.

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