Along the Route

Events along the way today while riding my bike:

1.) I was chased by a daschund. I would have taken pictures because I think it was fairly hysterical but that little thing sounded scary and could move!

2.) I accidently spooked a herd of grazing horses. They were wearing head gear covering their eyes-from a distance it looked like horsehead shaped burlap sacks.

3.) I found this fire hydrant on the edge of a large expanse of rolling fields, which also happened to be on State Property in Belchertown, MA. I’m thinking it was part of the Quabbin watershed, but I really didn’t think I had become THAT lost. (But come’on, it’s me we’re talking about). I couldn’t really figure out why there was this old hydrant in basically the middle of nowhere. It had a surreal feel to it.


Ride Stats:
Speed: 14.8 mph
Distance: 25.6 miles
Category: Paying my babysitter’s first semester in college.


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