A new toy

Ride 4/19/08 elevation graph

I mentioned in one of my recent ride posts that I would be adding elevation info to my ride stats. According to the LIVESTRONG Philly site, the course is going to involve some climbing. Borrowed directly from their site:

“Overall, the course distances for the Philly Challenge encompass moderate to difficult terrain with steep climbs.”

Karen did the ride last year, and she can vouch for the fact that it was not flat at all. Previously, I was using gmaps to figure out the elevation because I have yet to break down and purchase one of the Garmin cycling GPS units. Thanks to Smudgemo, I found out veloroutes.org does elevation and makes it very easy to capture and post the graph. Above is the graph for my ride yesterday. I wanted to do some hills, but after my 40 mile ride the day before, my legs were not 100% behind that idea. I took an unknown right, and had fun bombing down a dirt town road that still had snow:

April snow

Ride stats:

Distance: 7.9 miles
Temperature: 86˚
Elevation: lowest = 314.9 ft / highest 875.8 ft (∆ 560.9 ft)*
Ride category: Plan B (cut out the big hill, went exploring)

*Total elevation gain according to veloroutes.org was 1151 ft. Heather


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One response to “A new toy”

  1. Karen says :

    How do I get that toy?

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