Ellen made me do it

During the winter months it was very easy to figure who a post’s author was. If the post was about the climate controlled basement and episodes of the Biggest Loser, it was by Karen. If it was about bombing around outside in a snow storm while drivers stared at you, it was me. Now that the weather is starting to creep up to numbers that Karen will actually venture outside to ride in, it may become difficult to figure out whose post is whose. My friend, Ellen, noticed Karen usually signs off on hers, and she said I should do that, too. So, like I said, Ellen made me do it. Heather (work with me here, I have to get used to this)


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5 responses to “Ellen made me do it”

  1. Karen says :

    Um, Heather? You neglected to sign this post.

  2. Heather says :

    Your eyesight going? It was signed when initially posted.

  3. Karen says :

    That’s it. I’m starting to go to bed early.

  4. Philip says :

    Heather Darling I am so glad ellen made you do that. Why you might be wondering? your not wondering?

    I read a post of Karen’s regarding tools to undo plastic bottles. Carful where you go with that.

    Thinking it was Heather who came up with this idea. I was wrong.

    Heather told me she did not need that tool!

    All is fair in blogs and ………..



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