Cross training

Instead of riding the bike yesterday, my sister came out and we went on a five hour hike. We headed out to Bash Bish Falls in the southwest corner of the state (MA). We then hiked a trail over to the Taconic State Park, and from there went up. There were some nice views from the Bash Bish Gorge Trail:

Scenic view

Of course, we had to bring our favorite hiking companions:

RestingNot resting

The one on the left is going to be 12 next month, and she is smart enough to know if I stop to take pictures, it’s a good time to rest. The one on the right will be 3 in August, and he has no clue what resting is about. The General and I describe him as a cross between a terrier, Tigger, and a ferret.

Tomorrow, we will return to our regularly scheduled program, biking.


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4 responses to “Cross training”

  1. Dorothy W. says :

    I love the Bash Bish falls and Taconic area — it’s so beautiful! I live maybe 2 hours from there.

  2. Heather says :

    It’s almost 2 hours from where I live, too. My sister drove 1.5 hours to my house, and then the ride to Bash Bish. She said it was definitely worth all the driving.

  3. judi says :

    The dogs look so happy and the older one looks exhausted, lol.

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