Ladies of SCAG Hit the Road–Together!

Here you have it, our first official ride of the year. This was a last minute “Oh wait, you have tomorrow off too?!” kind of ride, but a big thanks to Heather who made the trek down to Hampshire County to do a 5 town tour with me. We did about 30 miles in a little over 2 hours, with some photo ops and even a couple of races up and down hills (Heather usually won). It was misty out, but not full on rain until the last two miles–so we lucked out. It was a balmy 60 degrees, but with a headwind you would not believe. Accuweather reports 13 mph but there were gusts that felt like 20+ that nearly knocked both of us off our bikes.

I tried to get photos of Miss Camera Shy. She loves to take them but she’s downright photo-phobic. Let’s see how long the ones I got stay in this post before she deletes them out 🙂

Ride Category: Day Off Ride TEAM SCAG
MPH: 13.7
Conditions: Wet, misty, light rain, 60ish
Distance: 30 miles


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