Another Day Inside Training for This

It is a beautiful day today, yet I chose to ride indoors again. I walked out onto my patio at 10am and felt all 33 degrees and decided no–I did not want blue toes again. I still need to get those chemical toe warmers and booties, but I haven’t yet, so I chose the snug warmth of my 68 degree basement.

I really do have to stop being such a baby, and who would have thought that I would have come to tolerate, scratch that, enjoy the trainer? But time also played into my decision–the time it takes to find all my gear, get all my gear on, check the bike for mechanical issues, make sure I have a spare tire (not that I know how to repair/replace it even if I did flat), and I don’t have a pump either…..I need to get prepared for my outdoor jaunts, and I am not.

Additionally, this is a work day for me. I’m working 9 hours today, and this is my 7th day of work in a row. I don’t have my son this weekend, so the little free time I have I’m hoarding.

In other LIVESTRONG News, I received my very first donation (Thank you Jenny) and I have officially started fundraising. This was a painful process last year but now that this is year 3 for me, I think people understand that it’s something I’m committed to, and I think I’ll surpass the $550 I raised last year. Also, my little brother called me with all kinds of questions about the LIVESTRONG Challenge, and is strongly considering doing the ride, even though he does not own a road bike. We have the same parents but he’s a different breed compared to me. I’m methodical and planned, he’ll borrow a bike from a buddy and dive right into anything. It’s amazing we’re from the same gene pool. But if he does decide to ride, I’ll enjoy showing him I’m still his big sister 🙂 –Karen


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