Reflecting on Potholes

Ahhh, Spring. At last we can head outside on our bikes to pedal off some off that cabin fever we’ve endured all winter. But even the good things in life are not without their challenges. In the Northeast, a cruel, cold winter has left roads broken and damaged. Those of us out on our road bikes are finding there’s more off-road riding going on out there than road riding. If you’re rusty on technical skills, you’ll polish them up without getting on a dirt trail by just riding outside. Forget the roots, rocks, and ruts of the trail.  You only have to hit what’s left of the pavement to get an “off” road experience.  It’s a problem for cyclists and motorists, and it’s causing a lot of damage and in some cases, bodily injury. So be careful out there. It’s going to take a while for the DPW in your town to take care of all those deep nasty potholes. –Karen


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4 responses to “Reflecting on Potholes”

  1. Dorothy W. says :

    The roads around here are terrible! Yes, let’s all be careful.

  2. Heather says :

    Cabin fever? What cabin fever?

  3. judi says :

    Yea…they’re bad here too.

  4. Leah says :

    No kidding! Nasty stuff. Great pics, though!

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