The usual: a photo and stats

Philip and I did our Wednesday night ride, just the two of us. We tried to get people to join us, but we didn’t have any takers. Granted, I didn’t email Meg until 10 last night. Not exactly a lot of notice. We rode for 2 hours, leaving at 5pm, and still made it back to my house with light. Maybe I’ll see if Philip would want to meet me, and we could head down Karen’s way for a ride sometime. That way she could join us; she certainly needs the mileage.

Ride stats:

Distance: 30.5 miles
Temperature: 47˚ (average)
Ride category: Wednesday night ride w/ Philip


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2 responses to “The usual: a photo and stats”

  1. Karen says :

    You’ll have to bring the General along too so she can watch my little guy. A little “practice” perhaps? But yes, I’d love to join you!

  2. Philip says :

    That would work for me. Maybe we can take a Wednesday ride down to Karen’s way!

    Wednesday 9th April will be the next Wednesday I will be around for a ride.

    Maybe a seat is needed for that little guy!


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