Getting the word out there (Dallas 2 Dallas benefit ride)

As most of you know, Karen and I have a bet for who has the most mileage for 2008. We are keeping track of all our rides at I logged in earlier this evening and found something interesting under breaking news, or maybe it was just news. Another bikejournal member, Drummerboy49, is doing a ride to “bring the message of ‘Spay, Neuter, and Adopt’ to as many communities” as he can. The ride starts in Dallas, TX and ends in Dallas, GA, for a total of 800+ miles. The money raised helps support the shelters along his route. The General and I have four dogs, and two were adopted from area shelters. I know there are a few dog lovers who check out this blog, Judi at Miles and Madness to name one, so I thought I would try and get the word out. You can make a donation to his Pledge for Paws or your local shelter (an alphabetical list by state may be in the works for the D2D site if I’m reading it right).

No ride for me today, I took the two Heinz 57 club members out to the woods to check on the status of the trails. They should be ready to ride any day now. Right?


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One response to “Getting the word out there (Dallas 2 Dallas benefit ride)”

  1. judi says :

    Hey thanks for the shout out! 🙂 Great ride it sounds like, just wish I was closer. 😦

    Good Mom you are for taking the pups out to the woods.

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