Spring Cleaning

Guilt had done its job and motivated me to do some long overdue cleaning.

If you remember, I’m the lazy one who left her chain looking like this all winter. But I’m seeking redemption, and after a good soapy hose down and

ample lube from Pedro’s my bike was looking like her old self again.


(and who doesn’t love that?)



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2 responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Anthony says :

    The word on the street is that guilt is one of the most powerful motivating forces known to man. It works, in any case, for both Jews and Gentiles.


    I saw that recently you posted a view out your window of frozen limbs. I shot a whole bunch of those myself.

    Do you think you’d be open to contribute what you see out your window to share with the world?

  2. Marcela says :

    That looks great and I am sure your bike really appreciates it! =)

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