Joby gets it right

Check out the first comment in this post for an excellent example of customer service. I had emailed Joby thirty minutes earlier with a photo of my two busted gorillapods, and asked what they are possibly doing to remedy the problem. Peter was not the person I emailed, but he’s made me want to give them another chance. I will definitely wait for a replacement with a “beefed up” neck, though. Thank you Peter and Joby.


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5 responses to “Joby gets it right”

  1. Peter B. says :

    Actually, I didn’t even know you’d emailed us yet. I’m currently visiting our European office (my home base is in San Francisco) and found your blog last night, so I wanted to contact you.

    In any case, all that matters is that we fix this. I’ll make sure that you get one of the first new Gorillapods as a replacement. Thanks for giving us another chance!

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