The bar has been set

I got my wish and rode with a “group” today. My friend, Philip, and I did a loop in west county. Going up the hill in the photo I tried staying on his wheel, but it was either go at my pace or code on the side of the road. The latter would have been more work for Philip, so I went with the former. My goal was to make it to the top before Philip came looking for me. No such luck. I was almost there when I saw him heading towards me to tell me the top was just around the next corner. Sigh, almost. I’m not complaining, though. There were no side effects after slogging up the hill. I regained the ability to chat and pedal simultaneously about a minute after clearing the top.

Ride stats:

Distance: 19.25 miles
Temperature: ~37˚ (forgot to look at the bank’s display)
Ride category: Assessing the shape I thought I was in (not too far off).


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3 responses to “The bar has been set”

  1. Philip says :

    Heather maybe a lesson in code would be helpful!

    I enjoyed the ride and look forward to next Wednesday.

    Happy rides


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