Abuse & Neglect

This is a classic example of “ridden hard and put away wet.” I’m ashamed to say this is my mountain bike, and I must have done just that in a sprint to ride outdoors this winter in lousy weather. With my busy schedule I probably just got a quick ride in and then forgot about the bike. And let’s face it, I’m a little lazy after a ride (1st priorities: Eat & Shower–in that order). I’ll be hanging my head when I bring the bike into the shop for it’s spring tune up. A quick clean up and a little lube would have gone a long way here….as it always does 🙂 –Karen


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3 responses to “Abuse & Neglect”

  1. markowe says :

    My bike looked like that after sitting out on the terrace most of the winter.

    You can spare a LITTLE embarrassment by scrubbing the chain and drives down with a toothbrush or something, together with some kind of solvent, or just petrol, and then oiling everything up. Then in the shop you can pretend to the REAL mechanic that it’s just a little bit neglected!

    Actually, I got things cleaned up a treat without taking the bike apart or anything, or paying a bike shop loads of money!

  2. Marcela says :

    OMG you must to be kidding me!! What a crime! Poor mtn bike LOL… I think I might spent all my time cleaning the bike when I go up to visit you LOL… Ahhh…

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