Skinny tires, no less

I got home from work today and it was 48˚outside. I didn’t feel like plodding along on the DB, and had been scouting out the roads on my way home to see if conditions were all right for the Specialized (mine was bought in 2003, link is to 2007 model). While on the homestretch, my cell phone announced I had a text message. I decided to stop and see who it was. It was actually Bruce, the merry prankster leaving all the fun comments on my “About Heather” page. He is also the General’s father; the General being my partner. Bruce is usually outside in all kinds of weather hiking and biking, too. Of course, I had to call him back immediately. He asked what I was doing, and I told him I was out on the bike. Hey Bruce anytime you want to ride, I would love to go with you. Just let me know what time to pick you up at the nursing home.

Ride stats:

Distance: 21.0
Temperature: 45˚ (average)
Ride category: Enjoying skinny tires over studded ones


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One response to “Skinny tires, no less”

  1. Marcela says :

    Hey Heather… finally some nice weather!!! No more snow, yay!!! We have been having lots of rain but rain is better than snow… at least the way I see it… I can ride my bike better in the rain than the snow… I still don’t have “Heather Tires” as I told Karen (she can tell you more about it) LOL… Plus 40’s that feel like summer here LOL…

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