Rain, not snow

I headed out to the library after coming home and taking the pack out. It was raining, so I was pretty soaked by the time I got home. Yes, time to buy rain gear for the bike. The most recent issue of Bicycling magazine, April 2008, has an article called Buyer Beware. They have sidebars in the article with “save and splurge” recommendations. Their suggestion is to save on the rain jacket and go with the $20 clear plastic jacket. I’ll have to check out the LBS, and see what’s out there. I’m inclined to go with the $20 option, the nylon shell I was wearing today worked pretty well. It did not soak through until the last mile before home, but I was drenched when I got there. Venting options would be nice. Maybe I’ll have to look at the $30 options.

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.1 miles
Temperature: 37˚ (average)
Ride category: Library


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One response to “Rain, not snow”

  1. judi says :

    Nashbar always has good sales.

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