Every Woman’s Guide to Cycling

Oh, the advantages of running a bookstore. I saw this book last Wednesday on my receiving table in the backroom at work and scooped it up instantly before it even hit the sales floor. I haven’t had a chance to read to cover to cover, but I feel fairly confident in recommending it: consider the source. Selene Yeager is the the “Fitness Chick” of Bicycling Magazine. You’ll like this book. Buy it! –Karen


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3 responses to “Every Woman’s Guide to Cycling”

  1. Leah says :

    Selene is awesome. (Full disclosure: She’s a friend of mine, and is currently training for Ironman Kentucky with my coaches. And she also writes for the magazine I work for.) But she knows her stuff and is formidable on the bike. I highly recommend this book for any cyclist.

  2. Karen says :

    Leah, I’ve read her a few times and liked her. Have you read the book cover to cover? It looks great!

  3. Leah says :

    Er, not quite cover to cover yet. 🙂

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