Contest Update

If you’ve been reading you know Heather & I are in a race to see how many miles we can log in 2008.  At stake is a $25 gift card to a bike retailer of our choice (probably nashbar).  We’re both listed on Bike Journaland are logging rides through their free service.  Currently I’m maintaining a lead, although I’m slipping.  My cumulative miles for 2008: 308.  Almost all on the trainer.  Her miles  for 2008: 233.  Almost all outside in the snow.  Soon spring will be here and the miles will really start notching up.  I’m going to have to fight for every last one, because Heather will likely start commuting to work via bicycles and that’s not an option for me for a variety of reasons.  So my day off rides I’ll have to go big–epic rides of 40-50+ miles (I realize that’s not epic by most people’s standards–but I’m famous for the 25-30 mile out and back).   And somehow I want to work more mt biking back into my routine, as I have stepped away from it in recent years and have recently been reminded it is my first love.  But mt biking doesn’t rack up the miles like road biking does, and let’s face it–I’m a bottom line kinda girl (It’s just the businesswoman in me).  So I continue to strategize on winning my $25 bucks, prepping for LIVESTRONG in August, and getting into the woods more.  Not to mention keeping the lbs off (I’d like to lose about 5 more, along with every other woman in America).  –Karen


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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

5 responses to “Contest Update”

  1. Heather says :

    You’ll be purchasing my $25 gift certificate from my local bike shop. Don’t worry, they’ll take your credit card number over the phone.

  2. Karen says :

    Go on, keep challenging me. You know where this will lead. I can see us now at the feel-good Livestrong event, in a sprint to the finish, even though it isn’t a race, because neither one of us will possibly allow the other to cross the finish line first. We’re gonna need to be reeled in.

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