Biking an errand

I needed to run an errand this afternoon, and headed out on the bike. My boy, an eleven year old pug, takes half a Pepcid in the morning and he was all out. For an old man on a bland diet, he still gets very excited about meals. It can be a very long 30 minutes after he gets his medicine until he can have his breakfast; for everyone involved. There was a lot of activity at the store, but that’s probably due to the pending storm. Yup, we are getting more snow. I’m off this weekend, so it can snow all it wants.

Ride stats:

Distance: 8.0 miles
Temperature: 24˚ (average)
Ride category: Pepcid pick-up

Here’s a photo of the pack. The old man of the group is in the front, on the right. They’re a good bunch, and the puppy (front left) keeps us highly entertained.


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2 responses to “Biking an errand”

  1. judi says :

    You are a good MOM! I bet that Pug is just adorable.

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