Acceptable Transport

It bothers some people that I would transport my bike this way. I guess that is part of truck culture–whatever you need to bring with you–you can just chuck it into the back and take off. But then again, does anyone really like using a bike rack? Most of them are difficult to use, not to mention what happened to Heather last November.

Bike racks come in many forms. I’ve used several, the Yamika roof rack where I got a serious shoulder workout just getting the bike up there and in it’s tracks. The Thule 4 bike rear mount rack  was easy to mount and use but bounced along with the car and made me think at any time the hitch would give way (but it never did).

So when it comes to my mountain bike, tossing her into the back seems almost safer than bike racks, albeit less becoming. I can tell you I never worry about it flying off the back when I’m doing 70 on the highway. So for now, this suits me just fine. –Karen


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One response to “Acceptable Transport”

  1. Marcela says :

    I love my bike rack… as you remember I actually have a nice rack (Thule) LOL LOL… I think you can shot at it and won’t break. Using my rack is much better and easier than when I used to put my mtn bike on the back of my CR-V…

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