Sick of it?

Complaints about this lingering winter are multiplying, and the ones who were first to complain are getting louder. We first had snow fall in October, and I haven’t seen my lawn since. Yesterday my son asked “Mommy? Can you please mow the snow?” He wants to play outside too. But as of now my lawn’s white crusty coating is a twice thawed, three times frozen glacier in the back yard.

I posted this photo of my mt bike because not only am I sick of the weather, but yes, I’m growing weary of the trainer. And I just don’t have the kahonas (or studded ice tires) that Heather does to ride in weather under 35 degrees. I’m not built for it.

So I now truly long for spring. Some are hopeful, and yes, the days are getting longer. The snow does seem to melt a little faster. The sun does feel a little warmer. And the trainer does feel a little more like penance rather than maintenance. But it will all change soon. And we will be looking at photos of tulips and spring green rather than the pictorial frozen landscapes. Those icy photos are beautiful thanks to Heather’s discriminating eye, but I want life again! –Karen


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