New bike camera trial run

How can you pass up a ride in February when the temp is 50˚? That, and I received my replacement camera this morning. One thing I like about the 790’s mode dial is I can set it for image stabilization, and leave it off. As soon as I turn it on, I don’t have to fumble around trying to get that setting. I didn’t think I would like the mode dial, but there’s that major benefit. It is much lighter than my old 720, but that’s because it has plastic and metal for the body. The 720 was all metal. I liked the more rugged feeling of my old camera, but the 790 has the same 5 feet shockproof guarantee. It was great to have the camera back on the handlebars! Here’s the new setup:


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5 responses to “New bike camera trial run”

  1. Karen says :

    Heather, You must take me shopping for my new camera. Uncle Sam is paying up soon.

  2. markowe says :

    That GorillaPod thingie is so cool. Must see if I can track something like it down. I’ve been wanting to record a hair-raising downhill run of some description for ages and haven’t been able to work out a way to mount the camera. This would be the perfect way to achieve YouTube wipe-out fame…!

  3. Heather says :


    I tried taking some video when Karen and I were out bombing around in the woods. I got a nice clip of my helmet visor. I was just goofing around, so you might come up with something that works. Not sure of the price range you’re looking at, but this is on my wish list:

    The above link takes you to Oregon Scientific, and their waterproof camera that can be mounted on your helmet. If you get that hair-raising downhill video, make sure you let us know!

  4. Grant Podelco says :

    Hi there. Great blog. I have one of those Gorilla tripods that I bought to wrap around my handelbars to take photos and movies, but it doesn’t really anchor firmly enough. The video is all over the place. How did you do it??

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