Good For the Environment, AND Extended Cycling Time?

I caught this report on NECN about this new type of concrete they have developed at The University of New Hampshire. The concrete is porous, and literally sucks up extra water. The porous concrete sits on a bed of sand and the water is cleaned as it filters down into the earth, producing a more pure form of ground water. Also, because it sucks up water–in the winter the water doesn’t refreeze, reducing the amount of salt used to treat roadways by up to 70%. Wow, I thought, this is great for the environment! Less salt, less sand, less money spent on DPW crews, less black ice, more safety, and wait–now for the cycling angle…..more days one could spend cycling outdoors during the winter! Now–the concrete is a bit rough so one can assume a more utility tire should be used, but think of the increased miles during the cold months when icy roads would keep you from riding. Unless of course, you’re using studded tires and riding with Heather. Thanks UNH! –Karen


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5 responses to “Good For the Environment, AND Extended Cycling Time?”

  1. Heather says :

    I was wondering what that photo was about on flickr. Question, what’s wrong with the roads now? My studded Nokians have worked just fine.

  2. Karen says :

    Just more options….this would be for the Road junkies…the studded tires don’t work on road bikes. But you’re right–I’m sure the heartier group would be just fine on studded tires. You do know that studded tires scare some people. I mean, the bike starts to resemble the guy from Hellraiser, don’t you think? 🙂 LOL

  3. Heather says :


  4. markowe says :

    Now just to solve the problem of freezing temperatures!

    Some kind of self-heating concrete?

  5. Karen says :

    I like the way markowe thinks. Maybe some element that superheats in sunlight….

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