Explaining Blogging to Mom….

My mother is staying with me–I had been away the last two nights on business and Mom came all the way from Boston to take care of my son.  I was released early from my meeting in Albany due to the snow and I have the rare opportunity to hang out with Mom.  So I decided to show her the blog.  She was fascinated by the medium, but didn’t understand the title “Sip, Clip, And Go”  “I don’t get it.” she remarked.  “You mean like your a housewife from the 50’s?  Sip coffee, Clip coupons, and Go shopping?”  Ummmm, not quite.  Anyone who has ever met Heather or myself can tell you there isn’t anything housewifey or 50’s about us (although Heather is a fabulous cook).  I explained the concept to Mom, and she’s on board.  Although secretly I think she always wished I had some housewifey qualities 🙂


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

One response to “Explaining Blogging to Mom….”

  1. susancyclist says :

    That’s just cute. Tell your mom “Hi!”

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