I earned every mile today

Indoors or freakin’ not. Yes, I pedaled on a trainer today, but it was not downstairs in the dungeon. Meg actually contacted us a while back about riding sometime (the blog is now officially a success!). We set the date for today and with our lovely New England weather decided meeting at Incline Training would be best. Today was classified as a recovery day. Ok, I’ll be doing a few of those before I try anything harder. I felt my calves starting to cramp and some muscle I never knew I had in the groin area was not happy. I will continue to slog through miles outside every chance I get this winter, but it’s nice to know I have options. I’m also looking forward to riding with Meg and Heather B, again. On the trainers or the trails.

Ride stats:

Distance: 16.3
Time: 1:00.0
Ride category: Incline Training introduction with their #1 fan


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