The List

I think by now everyone knows how much I loathe the trainer. Today’s weather was a “wintery mix” (read crappy) after I got out of work. I was lazing around coming up with a 1,000,001 reasons not to go downstairs. The Nokians are perfect in this stuff, but I just didn’t feel like anticipating every vehicle I encountered was going to be the one that slid over my path. I then came up with an incentive that worked. When I first decided to do the LIVESTRONG challenge, I was checking out the official site. I saw photos of riders wearing signs pinned to their jerseys that said “Riding for” and underneath one or more names. I had actually started a list to wear on the day of the ride: my co-worker who was recently diagnosed, another co-worker’s 4 year old cousin, my best friend’s mother, an aunt, my father’s wife, and an aunt of a woman who works with my sister. Some are currently in treatment, some are in recovery, and one has lost the battle. I figured “my team” is expecting me to finish this ride, I better get my butt downstairs. With that in mind, today’s spin went by with a lot less misery.

Ride stats:

Time: 38:00.3
Ride category: Pedal time
Playlist: Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, BB King, Hootie & the Blowfish, Tonic, Maria McKee, Stone Temple Pilots


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