Indoor Ride Despite the Sunshine

I rode indoors again despite the beautiful day (although it’s a bit cold).  I think this winter proves that for me to ride outdoors I need someone to pull me outside to do it.  A need a partner in crime.  Maybe I’m getting older.  And though I started this winter dreading the trainer, I’ve actually become amenable to it.  One thing I did notice that without action tv on it’s tough to keep a good cadence, so this time I plugged into my ipod.

Ride stats:   Distance:  18.1 miles    Time: 56 minutes   MPH: 21

Playlist: Brandi Carlise, Justin Timberlake, Ani DiFranco, Judas Priest, Heavy D, Blur, Madonna, Aerosmith, Chris Pureka, Pink  (yeah-I know–my tastes are…um…varied) —Karen


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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

One response to “Indoor Ride Despite the Sunshine”

  1. markowe says :

    Amazing, you can get used to anything..! I still haven’t tried a trainer (no room in our apartment, maybe I could do it on the balcony, but it would defeat the object!), but I have been doing loads of SWIMMING to keep up some kind of fitness over the winter..!

    I mean, swimming?!

    I hated it at first, but as I my “swimming fitness” has improved, I have actually started to enjoy it! Scary!

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