No ride photos today

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had some news re my Olympus 720sw. That news would be that it malfunctioned my last day in St. John, so I no longer have my bike camera. I contacted Olympus, and I will be taking advantage of their repair exchange program. I would have liked the Olympus 1030sw or the 850sw, but the only one they have on their trade-up list for the Stylus models is the 790sw. It’s the model that replaced my old 720sw. I loved that camera, it took great photos. All of my photos on this blog were taken with the Olympus 720sw. Except for the two taken from the porch in St. John.

Now that the vacation is over it’s back to training*. Karen mentioned in a post that we were doing the LIVESTRONG ride in Philly. I’ll be copying her idea, and will put a link to my donations HQ on my About Heather page. Karen has talked a lot about her past two experiences there, and I am really looking forward to it.

Ride stats:

Distance: 12.48 miles
Temperature: 30.5 (average)
Ride category: errands

*Telling people I am training for the LIVESTRONG ride is a lot easier for non-cycling people to understand. Why else would I be running errands on a bike in 30˚ weather?


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