Here’s some color for you

This would be the view from the cottage porch. The mountain you see in the background is Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands.

This shot was taken with my Panasonic Lumix, also while sitting on the porch. I believe it was in the afternoon, so I would have had a cold Virgin Islands Pale Ale by my side, a hint of mango in every sip (delicious!).

A view of the beach while in the water at Saltpond Bay. St. John truly has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

The Olympus worked great, though, I do have a story to share in a later post. Just be glad you won’t be stuck viewing the 600+ photos I took while in St. John. Sorry, Karen you won’t be able to escape.

St. John was so incredible, we are booking again for next year. Biking would really be difficult for the island. They drive shoulder to shoulder because the roads are not wide, paved in some spots, and there are a lot of switchbacks. When I read the part re no 4-wheeling except to go up the driveway to your cottage/villa at the car rental agency, I was wondering what the hell? They mean it. It is absolutely beautiful, though. I can see why so many people keep going back.

And now, for an actual post re biking.


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5 responses to “Here’s some color for you”

  1. bookbabie says :

    Wow, you can’t get better than that for a view, beats the snowy gray view outside my window right now:(

  2. Karen says :

    You’re going to make me look at all 600 photos? Oh boy, better bring some of that mango beer you’re so fond of 🙂

  3. Heather says :

    No, I promise the slideshow will not include all 600 photos. And yes, if I can find the beer, I’ll bring it.

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