While the Cat’s Away?

Right now, co-blogger Heather is prancing on some beach in St. John (those of you who know Heather–come and picture her prance with me now.  OK now let’s compose ourselves).  I have so many things I could write here to poke fun and she isn’t even on the continent to defend herself.  I’ll spare us all the thong jokes.  But where I am going to attack is in the miles category–because on St. John–there is no bike for Heather.  And I still have my trainer, even though more flurries fell this evening.

I logged more than 40 miles this past weekend, and plan on spinning Tuesday night, Wednesday, and possibly Friday.  When she gets back, she’ll likely need a few days to recover from the 2nd degree sunburn she’ll have–because she’s as Irish as they come (even more than me).  But perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.   

And you’ll all have to wait for some of that lovely photography she posts.  My camera has departed for the great beyond–which is just a great excuse to buy that Canon shock resistant waterproof with digital telephoto that I want.  But I’ll be waiting until Uncle Sam gives me back all my hard earned money before that purchase.

Until then–I’ll be on the trainer, not the trail…..Karen


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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

One response to “While the Cat’s Away?”

  1. Marcela says :

    I hope you get some good miles while Heather is away. Good luck!

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