Losing Heart, and Finding It.

Today is a rare day–one in which I have a morning to myself. It’s still a work day but free time to do as I choose is a rarity in my life–so I tend to cherish it. I decided to go outside for a ride–since the temperatures were decent, in the upper 30’s. I suited up and found myself procrastinating. I had on the Pearl Izumi tights, the socks, the base layers, nearly everything but my helmet and decided that before I went, I absolutely should do that last skim coat on the drywall job I was doing in my basement. Where is Heather to pull me out of this funk? Oh right, she’s packing for St John.

So I finally force myself outside on the mt bike–since I’m not trashing the Specialized in this weather. I quickly discovered that we got a lot more ice on the roads than I thought, and now I actually had a decent excuse not to ride outside, since I don’t have the benefit of studded tires like Heather.

So I returned after a mere mile outside–defeated and feeling like I should do something. I thought about Marcela who is doing her first race of the year today. I wonder what she’s got for weather down south.

This little event has somewhere matched my mood the last few days too–so I guess I should have known. I changed into shorts and headed to the dungeon for some time on the trainer.

On the trainer–I found myself again. Since it wasn’t 8:30 at night and I hadn’t been up since 5am, worked a 9 hour day, cooked, cleaned, read stories, and continued with the potty training experiment in my house (with my son), I found I could actually keep going for a lot longer. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t forcing myself, and I wasn’t going to be up until 1am all pumped up from exercising too late at night. I went faster, maintained a steady nice cadence of about 82, and lasted twice as long. In fact, I could have gone longer but had things to do (like sanding down the skim coating of mud on the drywall before showering and going to work until 11PM–and I wonder why I’m tired).—Karen

Ride Stats:
Outdoor: 1.1 mile(s)
Temp: 38
Conditions: 1 inch of ice

Indoor: 20 miles
Temp: 72
Conditions: I enjoyed watching Spanglish as I spun


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4 responses to “Losing Heart, and Finding It.”

  1. Heather says :

    You better pedal your trainer while I’m away. Heck, maybe try outside since the weather is suppose to be in the 40s this week. And while it will be 80˚ in St John, cycling is strongly advised against. I will return with a vengeance, and probably a really good sunburn.

  2. Dorothy W. says :

    Glad it turned out well! It’s very frustrating to have to turn back … spring should be here soon, right? 🙂

  3. Karen says :

    Dorothy–when I woke this morning I heard a bird singing….yeah! I haven’t heard that in so long. One of the subtle signs that spring is coming…..

  4. accident compensation claim says :

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