Noticing a theme this week?

Sorry about the old barn theme I seem to have going this week. I actually stopped to take this one. I’ve been pretty lucky with a lot of my shots just taking them on the fly. But I like this barn, and wanted to make sure I got it. It turned out that I didn’t care for any of the others, so this won.

Riveting, isn’t it?

Ride stats:

Distance: 14.6
Temperature: 30˚ (average)
Ride category: mileage


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4 responses to “Noticing a theme this week?”

  1. Karen says :

    Heather, I dig the barn stuff. I had that calendar of “Barns” hanging on my wall all year last year. Guess I’m pretty riveting too.

  2. Paul Grecian says :

    This barn needs more exploration. Especially in this kind of light. I think you found it interesting becuase the artist in you recognized something special. Be careful, it could be distracting…..

  3. Heather says :

    To Karen: sarcasm really is hard to pull off when blogging. I meant to say “Riveting post, isn’t it?” Maybe if I had remembered that word, I would have pulled it off.

    To Paul: Thank you for your kind words. I pass this barn frequently on my rides, and have always wanted to stop. In the past, I’ve just kept pedaling. You are right about it needs more exploration. The tree you see in front of it could be a subject all to itself. The cupola, too. It’s on a working dairy farm, so whenever I see the farmer to ask him if I can walk around, he’s busy.

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