Training While Parenting=Oil & Water

If you’ve been reading this blog at all you already know Heather has officially thrown down and challenged me to a mileage competition for 2008.  OK, I’m in.  We’re also scheming to ride the LIVESTONG Ride in Philly this August–a ride I’ve done twice before (once accidentally, which is another whole story) and once officially.  This year they are offering a 60 mile leg–which is what I’m up for presently.  It’s a cause near and dear to my heart and I’m looking forward to experiencing the LIVESTRONG Ride again.

Training/keeping in shape is a complicated venture for me being a single working professional mom.  I’ve read lots of other Mom’s training blogs but they seem to have supportive spouses and independent wealth and live in warm climates.  No matter–this just makes me more efficient at time management.  The “break” in my day that I’ve come to rely upon, “the afternoon nap” (his, not mine) has been one of the few ways I can sneak downstairs to my basement and slip onto the saddle.  But now that my little angel is three, the naps are starting to disappear, and with it any chance of kicking Heather’s ass.  Yesterday I tried to spin with him in the room (The fantasy goes like this: he’ll quietly play while mom’s on the bike…..yeah right).  He was very excited to see me pedalling away, and then (and this was pretty cute and reminds me why I love being a mom) he tried to “help” me exercise by coming over to the bike and holding onto one of the handlebars.  I got about a mile in before he squeezed the brakes on me–literally, and I decided this was all just a really bad idea.

So now I’m exclusively training in the evenings, after 8pm, exactly the time they tell you to stop exercising because you can screw up your sleep patterns.  I figure mine are pretty well screwed already with my son’s rooster-like ability to wake at 5:30am–so what the hell.  It’s the only shot I have to keep up with this bet.

 Anyone know any sitters?


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Training While Parenting=Oil & Water”

  1. Marcela says :

    Maybe you need to just train early in the mornings… You can get up at 4ish-5ish (after all your kid is waking you at 5ish) and maybe train? I used to do that in my “old” days but well I didn’t have a kid… Mmmm

  2. Karen says :

    Correction: They are not offering a 60 mile leg but a 70. Hmmmm. If it’s not the same route they offered last year at Blue Bell, I might try that….that last route was way too hilly for me!

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