Trainer? Why?

While Karen was pedaling on the trainer to Soul II Soul’s Club Classics Vol. I (that’s the one that includes the hit single “Back to Life“), I was playing outside. The ride started as a trip to the library, but I decided not to head back on the normal route. I ended up at a park in town, and headed off into the woods. It was only a mile, but it took me a while. The trail was about 12 inches in width, and I came to a halt if I went off it. I also had to stop a couple of times and trek back a few yards to pick up a pannier that kept jumping ship. Then I had the brilliant idea to bungee cord it; then I had to trek back for the bungee cord. I did finally secure it, and no, not with super glue. I came out on a road, and wasn’t sure which way I needed to go. I took a left and was correct. I even beat the General home and had our steaks on the grill in plenty of time. Yes, the grill is outside. What? Grilling is too a year round endeavor.


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