Back to the Trainer, Back to Life.

I’m officially feeling bummed out–the post-long weekend, get-out-of-dodge kind of blues. An absence of work, or responsibility, and the presence of fun and freedom, and of course, of riding your bike OUTSIDE was exactly what I needed, but now I’m experiencing withdrawal.

I was so nervous to fly I had stopped eating sometime early last week, which produced a loss of two or three pounds just due to my nervous nature. Now that I’m back, my body has been searching out any extra calorie it can, playing catch up. I’m back on the trainer, which is good because getting on it forces me to put the doughnut down and burn some of those carbs off. But the trainer dulls in comparison to riding outside, on the trail, with fresh air in my lungs and a great new biking partner. At least I’m working on the legs still. I’ve only put back on about 1 1/2 lbs, so if I catch myself I can capitalize on my pre-flight fast.


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