Coffee + Biking = Happiness

Coffee By Bike | Commute by Bike

A topic that is as near and dear to my heart as biking, coffee. When I was living in my apartment, and the commute to work was 1 mile, I used to just put the travel mug in the water bottle cage. My commute to work now is 13 miles one way, and I was able to do it in just over an hour when I did a trial run a while back. I am really trying to get myself pumped up to try commuting to work as part of my LIVESTRONG training. I will definitely need coffee, and lots of it. My ride will start at 0500, that means I must be on the road at this time. As far as coffee goes, I’ve tried a lot of different beans. I used to order Gevalia’s, but decided the coffee really did not taste all that much better for the price I was paying. Dunkin Donuts coffee is good, but it must be ice coffee (yes, year round like the shorts). My new favorite is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Hazelnut to be specific. The day does not officially start until I have coffee in hand. If it did, it would be ugly. Very ugly.


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6 responses to “Coffee + Biking = Happiness”

  1. Messenger of Doom says :

    Caffeine is well known to increase athletic endurance. Sadly it doesn’t seem to benefit short, high intensity efforts (such as sprints), and the side effects can be far from desirable.

    Pure caffeine or caffeine pills are probably less damaging than coffee itself – tannic acid in coffee inhibits iron absorption from food, so try not to drink coffee while eating, especially if you are slightly anaemic or are vegetarian/vegan. It can’t be very good for your teeth either – particularly if it’s hot, and more so if it has sugar added…

    Nevertheless, I love the taste and aroma of coffee, and it is nice to have a boost now and then 😀

  2. Karen says :

    I’ve thought about posting one like this for a while now–and have been playing at home with different brews. After drinking Starbucks (even at home) for years, I have switched to the Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee for home brewing purposes. And of course, a packet of Dark Swiss Miss to make it perfect 🙂 I still drink Starbucks at work, however.

  3. Marcela says :

    What you all need is some good Costa Rican coffee… ahh the mother land… I have some, but it is in Asheville 😦 that doesn’t help (and here I am drinking green tea go and figure out!).

  4. craigdurkee says :

    sorry mate im not with you on this one coffee and cycling do not mix oooops

  5. Messenger of Doom says :

    Guatemalan Elephant beans are my favourite.

  6. Heather says :

    MoD, where can I get Guatemalan Elephant beans? I found a couple places online, do you recommend any or are you lucky enough to be able to get them locally?

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