My first night commute to the gym was a success. And a pain in the ass. I am hoping that it will not always feel like it takes longer to get ready than it does to work out. I’ll have to figure out a way to attach my gym bag to my bike rack. Instead, I packed it into two panniers and a camelback (sans hydration system). The actual ride went very well. Though, one idiot did pull a #4 on me. Chatting on his cell phone probably did not help his driving ability. That incident occurred on my way to the gym and it was still light out. The ride home was in the dark, and there were no problems. Most vehicles gave me enough room, or slowed down when they passed if there was oncoming traffic. I definitely had enough light to see with the turbocat. Ok, I did attempt to look behind me to see the red lights. Do not try that. I’ll just assume that since everyone was giving me a wide berth, they were working.

Two items I think I will be purchasing for my nightly commutes: 1) a safety vest, and 2) a mirror. Look at that, guess I’ll have to take another trip to the LBS. Tomorrow’s looking good, 42˚ and partly sunny.

Gym commute ride stats:

Distance: 8.2 miles

Temperature: 43˚

Ride Category: Self explanatory


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