Scenes from the road

Hey, I actually rode OUTSIDE today!! Whoooo-hoooo!! I didn’t dismount the Specialized from the trainer, but dragged my beater mountain bike out for a spin along a familiar route. This is about an hour long and takes me through back-roads of Granby, MA. I didn’t venture off-road–with the several inches (feet?) of snow that has all but melted to nothing over the past 2 days has left the earth rather sloppy. So I stuck to pavement and took in the scenery. Far better than the trainer.

I got to try out some Christmas gifts too: The Pearl Izumi UltraSensor ThermaFleece Cycling Tights I got from Mom (I cannot believe she actually bought these for me, but I am so thrilled she did) kept me snug as a bug in the 43 degree weather. I wore my new Craft base layer shirt and my Bike Nashbar Jersey I picked up last fall. I still do not have a cycling jacket–but I didn’t need one today it was so nice outside. I also lack a skull cap, but the ear warmers worked just fine.

So, here are my stats: 14.25 miles, avg speed 13.3 mph, 1:04:29. A couple of stops for photos, but otherwise uninterrupted. I really just enjoyed this ride. I am (as of this posting) ranked 10 in the Massachusetts Category in bikejournal for total mileage this year. out of 325 riders. I’m going to try and stay in the top ten for as long as possible, although I know my time constraints won’t keep me there for long. But I tend to be a little competitive, so it will be interesting to see how long I hold on šŸ™‚ –See you out there, Karen


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7 responses to “Scenes from the road”

  1. Dorothy W. says :

    Sounds like a nice ride! Glad you could get out. I’ll have to check out my ranking in my state — I didn’t realize you could do that. Okay, I just checked and I’m second! Woo-hoo! That was fun šŸ™‚

  2. Marcela says :

    Howdy! I came by to check out your blog… this is my “mental break” of the afternoon (too much info and training… I need a break), I totally dig it and love it!
    Did you go for a ride today? Ahh I’m so jealous!
    Ready for your trip to Asheville? I wish I was there so I could take you to some of my favorite places… please check Pisgah SORBA at Yahoo Groups as we tend to do weekly rides, I am also sure they can tell you about bike rentals… the group is consisted of fellow mtn biker junkies LOL.
    If you can’t find a bike maybe we can find a way so you can use mine? Mmmm
    Till then keep on biking!

  3. Karen says :

    Hey Dorothy, I’m not surprsied you’re up there, you seem like a true devotee of cycling!

  4. mixte says :

    Beautiful scenery! Now I’m the jealous one.

    Also, thanks to Heather for telling me about the gorillapod.


  5. Heather says :

    You wore tights? In 43Ėš (F) weather? Why?

  6. Dana says :

    I’m jealous of your ride! The weather here has been spectacular, but during the week when I need to be at work. I did tell my boss that I felt ill Wednesday and thought I needed to go home for a bike ride. Unfortunately I was far too busy to really even push to leave. But I’m gonna get out there this weekend. I’m organizing a long 30-50 mile ride tomorrow and I hope to be on the bike again Sunday.

    When do you leave for Asheville? That sounds like a great trip. I hope you locate a bike!

  7. Karen says :

    I seem to have a lot of support to find a bike…but no bike yet. I’m starting to feel like it might not be meant to be. Another week….I’ll have to play it by ear I guess!

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