Let’s break Fatty’s bank!

A note from Heather: Thank you Fatty (I hope it’s ok that I called you Fatty, should I have used Mr.?) for giving me something to write about today, seeing that my lazy ass could not get on the bike in 57˚ weather. In New England. In January.

I thought I would post about Fatty’s bet because it’s for a very good cause, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Karen has done the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge the last two years, so here is my chance to help out in my own little way. I won’t try to put it in a nutshell for you, check it out here. Actually, the only way we would be able to break Fatty’s bank is if we were able to bet that he would succeed. He is much too smart to give us that option. Check out the rest of his blog and I think you will agree with me that he is crazy enough to do it. Fatty, put me down for $25 that you will successfully complete Fatty’s First* Roller Century.

*Notice I did not put down Fatty’s First Annual Roller Century. You do appear to be crazy, hopefully, not that crazy.


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