27 days until St. John

I am so behind the 8-ball. I want to start my 4th decade, rapidly approaching next month, in somewhat decent shape. It has more to do with being in St. John the first week of February than living a healthy lifestyle so I can occupy my small spot on earth for a long time. Though, that would be a bonus, too. I know the knobbies and studs require a little more exertion on my part, but who am I trying to kid. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the bike. Even my new ipod has not been enough of an enticement to get me on the trainer. I’ll also need to be ready in case Karen makes me go through with a follow up idea I mentioned. That would be actually entering a race this upcoming season. Karen had mentioned some duathlons, but I hate running for the sole purpose of exercise. So, it’s biking to do errands and go to the gym whenever I can, and the trainer when I absolutely cannot ride as my weapons of choice. For those of you who have been following along, today was a day off, so no lights were needed. Tomorrow is, too, anyone want to go riding?


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